RAIN: Galactic's Reporting and Information Network

What is RAIN?

RAIN is the “brain-child” of our very own Gary Cornwell and stands for Reporting And Information Network. It was originally designed to be a customer service tool and to keep track of our communication with each passenger. Through the years, it has been upgraded and updated to be GALACTIC’S COMPLETE REPORTING SOLUTION.

Everything “REPORTING” is housed here in our secure database.

  • Participant Information
  • Email Correspondence
  • Hotel
  • Activities
  • Flights
  • Reports

It’s completely proprietary and is customizable for each specific program.

We actually “build” the program in RAIN with all the specifics – client & program name, destination, dates, attendee types, hotel and room types, the specific activities, fees, specific information requests, staff, etc.
Once the participants start to register, all the email communication is done in RAIN, so that everyone has access to the information. This is also tracked and color-coded to make sure all participants are contacted in a timely manner.

RAIN's Capability to Improve Productivity

Within RAIN, our staff has immediate access to all the information needed to make sure our participants are taken care and all their needs are met, whether it’s during the registration process or on-site. Real time flight information is also available which our in-house Air Concierge Agents use to ensure our participants are taken care of during travel.

Our clients also have access to a plethora of reporting tools, including flight manifests, hotel rooming lists, activity confirmations, passenger reports including roster with guests and company information, mailing lists, email lists, emergency contact information, passport information, the list goes on! We also have the capability to create custom reports for our clients – almost any information requested can be exported to excel for customized spreadsheets.

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Created By
Georganna Johnston