The Book Thief Themes By: Will Westerheid

Theme 1: Passion Can Take you Anywhere

“Nazi Party members were accumulating fuel. A couple of times, Liesel was a witness to men and women knocking on doors, asking people if they had any material that they felt should be done away with or destroyed.”( Zusak 230).

This quote shows how Hitlers passion for power has made him one of the most feared and respected leaders in history. This quote is a specific example of how passion can take you anywhere. He has a passion for power and he started out as a military private and used power to climb the ranks. Although this doesn't really show a morally good example of how passion can take you anywhere, Hitler is still an example of how passion can take you anyhwhere.

The Movie Miracle, which is more of a feel good story then Hitler. But this movie is all about passion. Passion for winning and passion for wanting to be the best. This team of bottom of the line US hockey players, where most aren't a day over 22 years old. They go up against a soviet union hockey team in the winter olympics, They beat them in a last second upset. They use there passion for the game against the soviets to turn the tide this movie perfectly displays how passion can take you anywhere.

Theme 2: LOVE CONQUERs all

“Finishing The Grave Digger’s Handbook.

2. Escaping the ire of Sister Maria.

3. Receiving two books for Christmas."(Zusak 196)

This quote shows how in wake of everything in this place and this time period happening, the book theirs love for books conquers it all. This quote is from a list in the book called "the keys to happiness" she doesn't need phones and tv like kids do today, all she needs is a book in her hand to find happiness. This is a very simple quote, yet it shows the importance of love, passion, and happiness, especially in this time.

The Movie interpretation of the book the Hunger Games, perfectly displays how love conquers all. In this movie there is something called the "Hunger Games" where one boy and one girl between the ages 12-18 are chosen from each district, which are like states. When the main characters sister is chosen, she volunteers in her place. She goes on to win the hunger games and is the total underdog. She uses the love for her sister to conquer all of her oppenents. Just like in the movie miracle, they use there love for the US to win and conquer there opponents.

Theme 3: Hope is the only thing stronger then fear

“All my life, I’ve been scared of men standing over me ….As she turned them, the pages were noisy, like static around the written story.”( Zusak 514)

This quote shows how liesel has always been afraid of men standing over her, she always can look to her reading and her books. The reason I chose this quote is because I like that it incorporates the main part of the novel, which is the books, and the hope they give her. Part of the reason that the books are such a large part of this story is its all about standing up against fear. Liesel hides max from the nazis, and steals books. These are both examples of the books which represent hope, and how is trumps fear.

The reason I chose this movie, is because its all about overcoming a lot in search for someone, and I'm search for hope. This movie is about a father and his friend looking for his missing son. They both have to travel across the whole ocean, along the way they encounter sharks, deep sea monsters, and an old battleship filled with explosives. Through all the fearful parts of this voyage, they use there hope that they'll find the boy to keep going.

Summative Theme: Love Conquers all


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