Mikaela- Ancient Civilizations by mikaela

Ancient India

The Buddha (shown above) was a wealthy Indian man that wanted enlightenment with in him. He went lengths and finally found peace.
The ancient Indians used herbal plants to dye their skin for special occasions. This practice was called henna. Henna lasts several days, but takes hours to dry correctly. The drying limits your movement in danger of messing up the henna, also called mehndi.

Ancient India

Imagine beautiful pyramids, and mummified pharaohs. What you are imagining, is the effect of Ancient Egypt. Egypt is full of great architecture and lots of exotic foods, but when you look deeper, you notice that it is hot and there are lots of mosquitos and ticks.

Often, tombs are discovered in Egypt from Ancient times, but they are not always full of treasure. Many tombs found don't have any grave goods because thieves steal many artifacts. These thieves are also known as tomb raiders.

Ancient China

Ancient China is not as popular as many other ancient civilizations. As we step into ancient China, we'll see many exciting things along the way.

These warriors lined up are not real warriors at all. These are models of the great Emperor Qin's Army. There was over 8,000 terracotta men found, each with different facial features. Each of these clay figures is life size!
Scaly, brightly colored, and fanged these creatures are worshipped all over China. You guessed it! I'm talking about the Chinese dragon. Most people may know of dragons as little floats in Chinese New Year parades, but there is much more to them then that. Chinese dragons are believed to bring luck to the people of China, and they are also believed to control the rain and water.

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome is very well known for their entertainment. Their entertainment are fights to the death. These fights are called gladiator games. If slaves or peasants don't prove they are worthy to their masters, the wealthy people who own them may put them into the games as gladiators. The shield above is a replica of one that may have been used in the games.

Similar to the shield, this helmet may have been used as protection in the gladiator games.

Ancient Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia is a very early civilization that planted the roots of all the other civilizations. The most famous architecture of Mesopotamia is the hanging gardens of Babylon. These are secret places where wealthy people went to worship their gods. The followin photos are of the hanging gardens.

Ancient Greece

Ancient greece is known for their many gods they worshipped, like Zeus, god of the sky and lightning, or Athena, goddess of wisdom. As we walk through ancient Greece, see some architecture and other exciting things.

The Parthenon is a very well known for its many columns. This is a model of it.

This is a quilt showing nine gods and goddesses and what they are famous for.


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