Maui Madie Myers

When flying to Maui from Columbus round trip plan on paying around $800- $1,500.

The Four Seasons Resort

The #1 place to stay in Maui is The Four Seasons. Its a huge 5-star hotel located on the seaside of Maui. All the rooms have a priceless view. Rooms there start out at around $500. They have free Wi-Fi and a total of 3 restaurants in the hotel. But if that is too pricey (which it is) there are many other great hotels in Maui.

On of the most popular things and more cheaper things to do in Maui is going whale watching. Whale watching is a big tourist attraction and a big/important part of Hawaii. The starting out price is around $35 it could change depending on what company you use to go watching.

Another thing that is very popular in Hawaii in general is watching the Old Lahaina Luau. They are very fun, family friendly, and very cultural. It cost about $150 to attend, but it depends on where you go. They also serve food so that will cost extra too. l

Learn more about Luaus with this video..

A cheap and high rated Hawaiian restaurant is called Monkey pod Kitchen. They serve mostly seafood so you like seafood this would a great restaurant to go to. If you are with your family then it would be a great place to eat because it is a family friendly restaurant.


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