The Defence for Donna Osborn by: Michael Rodriguez, Alston Vong, Michael Sinclair, Zack Nucleus

When in the court of law everything is seen as facts on a page ; details, evidence , victims , and prosecutes all laid out in plain view for the jury to assess. Sitting behind a wall of segregation you judge the people in front of you as if they were perfect humans. You judge them as if in a time of panic and hysteria they could make the absolute best decisions ,but if you fail your remark is that you're only human. Donna Osborn could have made better decisions. As the doctor said she had plenty of opportunities to voice the abuses ,but as she said she was scared. Scared to admit her husband and father of her child was an executor of domestic violence ; scared to shame her own family's name. With such a high stress environment the best decision is blurred. Also she was fed with the thought that the abuse was a one time occurrence backed by the real monster’s assurance. In a split second of time face to face with a monster she acted in self defense to protect her son and herself.

If Donna’s intentions were of malice why would she herself call the authorities ? From Donna’s testimony it’s clear that she had called the authorities. This isn’t the expected action of a criminal don’t you think ? Also there is a substantial list of injuries prior to the incident that back Donna’s claim as an abused mother. All the causations of the injuries were addressed by Mrs. Osborn with more than reasonable answers. The previous cover ups make sense considering Mr. Osborn’s deception and the family containment that Mrs.Osborn is in. Mr.Osborn also has a temper even his mother agrees so these abuses aren't even remotely far from reality.

Donna Osborn was a seasoned high school teacher. Beloved by both her students and co-workers, she conducted herself in an appropriate manner regardless of the situation. As one of the witness, Jack Mathews, has said Donna Osborn was a hard worker and did anything in her power to get the job done. Not to mention that Donna had a son she loved dearly. So why would a teacher that has a child go to such extreme measures when it would clearly go against her ethical approach to life, and at that to her loved ones. Why would a women, who was showing signs of being an abused wife, commit such an immoral action? The only reasonable solution would be self-defense, to protect both herself and her child

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