The Daily Activity I have toOken pictures over past 7 days of whaT I do on a daily basis

During thanksgiving break I have took 7 picture of how much toothbrush I used everyday and the results after I used the toothbrush.

Day 1 Before
Day 1 After
Day 2 Before
Day 2 After
Day 3 Before
Day 3 After
Day 4 Before
Day 4 After
Day 5 Before
Day 5 After
Day 6 Before
Day 6 After
Day 7 Before
Day 7 After

By taking photos everyday of me brushing my teeth makes think of what shape we are making by just putting the toothpaste on the toothbrush. It's interesting to see what's the left over since they are different and that we can see the amount of liquid still left on the toothbrush.

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Alex Luu


Alex Luu

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