Labor Reform Emily Mazzeo

More than 1.75 million children were working in the nineteenth century, a 64% pay gap, and around a MILLION illegal immigrants were deported.

A lot of companies used child labor as a vital part of their companies. The Lowell Labor Laws stated that children were going to be replaced by women. Kids were needed for all of the agricultural needs of local family farms, with their crops or with animals of all sorts.


Back in the nineteenth century, there used to be a women's pay gap of 64% and it still exists in the United States today. Li


Illegal immigrants were needed as agricultural workers. 142,000 immigrants were legalized that way by working. The Bracero Program helped give these immigrants agricultural jobs.


Child Labor is no longer a problem in the united states, the pay gap is still 19.1%, and there are still issues with Illegal Immigration in America today.

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