How do you love someone who doesn't love themselves?

What makes Marcus fall for Sylvia, when she thought no one could love her. She is her mother's greatest regret, and her son's biggest embarrassment?

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Sylvia Garnet, a high end exotic dancer at the Royal Playhouse, loves her life. She’s making good money, driving a nice car, and gets to party all she wants. Though lately, she’s been finding it more and more difficult to sustain her lifestyle. Her family is quickly breaking apart. The financial foundation she’d come to rely has turned sour. As a matter of fact, her lifestyle is slowly killing her. She is only saved by something she had long given up on.

Marcus Warren, a successful investment banker, finds himself enamored by the most unlikeliest of persons, Sylvia Garnet. He’s a good man, from a good family, looking for a good woman. Marcus pursues Sylvia, but a relationship with her has proven to be more difficult than he thought. The drama surrounding her life and the mistakes of her past will test him to go beyond what he thinks love is. His love for her might very well save her life.

Created By
Trevauhn Grant


Created with images by jasicaJaew - "waiting sad drama"

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