Father John Regan Honoring #HeroPriests

Father John Regan '89 (Diocese of Joliet), St. Mary Immaculate, Plainfield, IL

Submitted by: Grace Blaszak

Father John realized early on that our many seniors, myself included, needed something to keep our spirits up. Most of us are used to being up and out, attending Mass and parish events, socializing and volunteering. Father formed a Facebook group for us. Once a week we pray the rosary and enjoy chatting and play a few games. He even recorded our group praying all of the mysteries of the rosary so we can access it any time we would like. A highlight was a lip sync to a show tune! He posts news, little things to keep us thinking, and other interesting bits and pieces on the page. He does this on his own out of his love and concern for others. It is making life in these gloomy times a hint more fun and tolerable.

If you ask anyone in our parish about Father John, you will hear of a humble man who shares his life story. A story that many people would rather not talk about or be made known. He has said he wants others to know that there's always hope, there is a God who loves us no matter what we have done, we always have a home in the Lord. He is a selfless giving man and a fun-loving "Domer"!

He is a giving, totally honest, selfless man. He is not afraid to go out of his way for anyone.

I am grateful for so many priests who have been educated at at Mundelein.