How To Make a Snuffle Mat Instructions by jamie north

These instructions are based on a 12"X12" mat with 1.5" strips - adjust accordingly.

Start with approximately 37.5" of light weight fleece 150cm wide. You'll want to choose fabrics that have colour on both sides rather than ones with single sided prints as you will see both sides. If using multiple colours, you obviously need less of each one.

I like to wash the fleece first to get rid of any unwanted smells or chemicals from manufacturing

You also need a mat with holes - I used fatigue-reducing rubber squares from the hardware store.

I also washed the mat as they have a very 'tire' smell. If you use some other type though, that may not be necessary.
Cut your fabrics(s) into strips approximately 1.5" wide. You will need 25 strips in total.
They don't need to be perfect - the dogs won't notice!
I used a template to cut each long strip into approximately 10" sections. Each long strip gave me 6 shorter strips. You can cut one out of corrugated cardboard.
Strips cut and ready to go!

Start by passing 1 strip through each hole and over the edge and tying in a double knot (left over right, right over left). I used 2 fabrics here and just alternated, but all kinds of designs are possible based on the fabrics you choose.

Top view tying the top row.

Tie all the way to the ends the row, then change direction and pass the strips across instead of up and down.

Top view tying across.
Back view tying across.

In the next row, return to tying up and down, but into the next row of holes. This is the 4th pass through the top holes.

Top view.
Back view.

Continuing adding strips to all rows and columns.

Top view.
Bottom view.

Covering the corners is optional, but if you have a couple strips left, why not! Just add another strip through the corner hole and spread the fabric to cover the corner before tying on top.

Bottom view of corner.
Full completed bottom view with corners done.
Completed and ready to be snuffled!

Thanks for joining me. Have fun!

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Jamie North

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