Mountain Pinatubo By Chais Chickaway

  1. Volcano Type: stratovolcanot
  2. Volcano Size: 1,486M
  3. Location: Philippines
  4. Name of nearest city: Manila
  5. Population of city: 12.8 million
  6. Distance to volcano: 100 Km NW
  • The date of most recent eruption: 1991
  • The Events: Smoke, ash, and sulfur dioxide. It came at pyroclastic flows.
  • It killed millions of people in 1991.
  • It changes the temitpure to 7.8.
  • It has a lake in it .

The height of Mt.Pinatubo is only 1760 meters. Mountain Pinatubo also erupted about 450-500 years before.15-20 million tons of sulfur dioxide were discharged in the atmosphere following the eruption which caused a global cooling among others. The largest eruption of the 20th century happen in 1912 in Alaska. The volcano formed after the eruption is called navarupta.

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