My Letter

3 April 2018

Death Letter Project -

I face death nearly every day: I volunteer in a cemetery.

Like our forebears, I have great respect for religion, unlike our forebears, I have little faith in religion's view of an "afterlife." Whether heaven, reincarnation or 72 virgins, none sounds especially credible.

If religion is wrong, about the only afterlife we can anticipate is that of being remembered - thus tombstones with names and dates. And I've learned something from reading countless stones, best conveyed in my little verse:

Some turn to God and religion, others to good works on Earth. But the secret to being remembered is a tombstone with humor and mirth.

Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller, Historian-in-Residence, Historic Oakwood Cemetery

This letter is part of the Death Letter Project - North Carolina, a means to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Historic Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, NC.


Michael Palko