kings of the swamp by gage klimek

table of contens

  1. what are turtles
  2. different kinds of turtles
  3. what they need
  4. wear they live


what are turtles. turtles are a kind of animal that are called reptiles turtles lay eggs and have scales and live in water and land

different kinds of turtles

how do you know

how do you know between a tortoise and a Galapagos. well a tortoise has a shorter head like a large rock. The Galapagos has a great long neck like a teachers chair. They both have different size shells and wights. Have fun piking the coolest one.

what they eat

turtles have lots of needs.turtles need water and veggies and some times you can Put a powder called cellsiome on them. Turtles also need heat so put some lights or a heat rock in the cage. put some leaves or grass so it feels like it is in its habitat. have fun making a turtle cage.

were they live


if you want to find a turtle hear are some plases to look you can usually find turtles in swaps beaches and others. baby snapping turtles can even be found in the sleeping bar dunes.turtles can be found every wear.have fun travailing.

turtles are very fun pet to have because they are easy to take care of.turtles are very slow so do not rush them.maybe some day you will have your one


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