Exploring the Harn Museum BY: Jonathan DOminique

As I start my journey into the Good Life, I realized how important it is to expand my knowledge to see what art has to offer me. This is my second trip to the museum and I can honestly say that the work of art has changed and the placement of art has changed. This can be related to the way I appreciate art more as well as the various ways that the art has given me the opportunity to consider different perspectives. I tried to go on the guidelines of what connected with my core values and purposes in life. Through this spark story you will be able to gain an insight on my experience.

Medium of the Art /Technique of the Artist: This picture, the Woodcutter, I think has become relevant in this year as racial tensions have been at a high peak. It is reminder of the struggle of what we are still fighting for today, equality. The artist, Robert Gwathmey, grew up into an environment where there were racial tensions and segregation was enforced. His concerns dealt with social and racial equality. Robert's work is influenced by Cubism and designs of stained glass and quilts demonstrated in the black lines and geometric blocks. The work they are doing in the picture can be related to the work that the black community is still doing to get the message of we need to stop separating each other. The emptiness of the of the field is the emptiness that represents the lost of hope of this country getting better in acceptance and putting the racial mindset behind us. This photo could've just been another basic message of the race problem back then but was striking is that it started to seem revenant to us today. The appreciation of art of art becomes deeper when you are able to relate it to the current situations that are happening around us. This painting can display part of the journey of the "Good Life" for minorities to experience less separation.
Design of the Museum: The area depicted a lot the asian culture. It was a beautifully open space that gave me the opportunity to view and appreciate the art. It was a good use of space. The art was grouped together and in the Asian culture they are quite conservative and the way that the artworks were placed it gave me that feeling. The sense of natural lights brought out the beauty in the art and area. Each of the little corners gave me something different to expect. I like that everywhere I turned there was a story or a message with the art work. The colors that blended well with art, the various colors of the browns that mixed in with statues made everything come together.
Art and Core Values: This is a Mexican painting of Adam and Eve called Retablo. One of my core values that I had not realized before that should have been on my list was personal beliefs. After seeing this painting it made me value my religion a lot more because even though it is just Adam and Eve they represent so much more than just a bible story to me. They represent the first people to be here on earth and also the consequences of not obeying. More like they created this idea of good and evil. It was almost as if it was important for them to sin because they were apart of the plan to give rise to Jesus dying on the cross and saving us all. This personal growth as this represents that making decisions are important and sometimes it can cost us to fall. They set the bases for human choices and self-expressions. They expressed that they wanted to be like God by eating the apple. This allows me to cherish and value my religion more than I have. Realizing my personal growth in myself with the decisions that will be made throughout my journey of the "Good Life."
Art and the Good Life: The seated Buddha is a great representation of us as we journey through our "Good Life" because he represents a meaning of of enlightenment. He changes the way in which we can look at the "Good Life" because he found the things of wisdom, compassion through sufferings. I think he gives us a better way of looking at life at the surface and reaching deeper. The sculpture connects me to this sense of traditions. Buddha is this sculpture that helps us see that there is more to life than living into suffering. He communicates to us important ideals and practices about life. Seeing the sculpture gave me a sense of change and a different look as to how I go about the "Good Life" and what I plan to achieve as I continue. He makes me think what is the real purpose of life ? What are we truly going after in the "Good Life?" Is it possible to truly achieve the "Good Life" when you have suffering ?
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