Bullies Be Gone Abby rose 7th grade COmm. skills 4/19/17

People bully others because they might actually be hurt themselves and be bullied themselves. They bully to get their self confidence back. Also, they bully because they think they are cool and that bullying is cool, but bullying is not cool. I don’t understand why people think that bringing others down helps themselves get back up. Since most bullies have already been hurt and know what is feels like they should never put anyone through the same things they’ve been through themselves.

  • First of all many people mistake bullying for other actions. As Mr. Steinert would say, the definition of bullying is, “an intentional, repeated, hurtful act in which there is a clear or perceived imbalance of power. ” Many of you have already heard this in school. There are also different types of bullying, like Cyber Bullying and Physical bullying.
  • Many people think that bullying happens only in person with words or physical actions. You are wrong! Cyber bullying is a type of bullying that happens online and many reports have been taken about bullying online. “Depending on the age group, 43% of students are bullied online. 1 to 4 have had it happen more than once.”
  • Did you know that bullying can be a crime? In multiple cases bullying can become a crime. Lets think about it for a second…. is bullying worth going to jail, prison, or being arrested? I don’t think that ruining someone's life and or yours is worth all of that.

I challenge you to stop bullying when you see it first hand, by reporting it to an adult (counselor, teacher, parent, etc.), be a friend to someone who is bullied, or stand up to the bully. Hopefully now you don’t ever bully one of your classmates and stop bullying. when you see it happening.

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