Free Foods organic, regionally sourced, smart packaged, easy on-the-go meals

You've just done the longest day on your backpacking trip. You summitted, snapped a few epic pictures. You continued on to the hut your staying at tonight and it seemed like it would be around every corner but the trail just kept going. Finally you saw the quarter mile sign and rejoiced! You've just dropped your pack and collapsed onto your pack and it feels so good to sit down. Then it hits you. "I'm so hungry." Food prep sounds like an impossible chore. You break out your measly packet of ramen because all you're going to have to do is boil water and pour in a spice packet. You scarf down those noodles so fast you question if you even made ramen. It's not enough and you question the nutritional value of that spice packet. But at least it was warm and you have to do almost no clean up.

What if there was a better option?

Hey guess what? There is a better way!

CSA-style on-the-go meals

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

"We craft the perfect seasonal meal using the highest quality, local ingredients." - Ryan Busby, Head Chef
  • Nutritional Value and Sourcing
  • Eating Experience (a.k.a. low prep, high taste)

What does that mean?

Our packaging is tailored to the season, just like our ingredients!

Every tried to open a package with gloves on? Our winter edition packaging makes it possible. In the summer, our packaging is designed for warmer weather, protecting your food and yielding less compostable waste.

Our winter meal

Our Winter recipe: Sweet potato chorizo stew
Buy now so you can less cooking and more of this at camp
"We lock in the nutritional value of our quality, seasonal ingredients using a custom freeze drying process." - Ryan Busby, Head Chef


Kellen Busby

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