MALCOLM X By Sebastian Aguilar

Early Life

Malcom x as a kid

Malcolm X was born on may 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. he had 4 siblings their names were Ella, Wilfred, Philbert, and Reganald little. he also had a mother and a father. he was enrolled into west junior high school. he then enrolled into Mason High school. he dropped out of school when he was fifteen years of age.

Why Malcom X is Famous

Malcolm X making a speech.

Malcolm X is famous due to his role as an outspoken advocate against racism and his own alternative views to non violent reactions to white aggression against black individuals. He was also famous for because he was highly vocal about poor treatment of blacks in the United States and for enlightening the issues of unequal America during the civil rights movement.


Malcolm X had quite a few accomplishments like he founded the newspaper Muhammad speaks in 1957. in 1963 Malcolm X led one of the nations largest civil rights rallies which is called the Unity rally in Harlem. He was also named minister at the NOI's Boston mosque. Also Malcolm's autobiography, which he worked on for two years with writer Alex Halery , was published in November 1965.

Malcolm X's Impacts

Malcolm X had a huge impact on the civil rights movement. But not only did Malcolm x impact the civil rights movement but he also had impacts on other victims as well. he also had an impact because his ideas were much more rational than others. also as a result he encouraged Blacks to fight back in an armed revolution or at least do so when attacked.

How Malcolm X is Celebrated

Portrait of Malcolm X

Malcolm X day is an American holiday in honor of the civil rights leader Malcolm X which is celebrated on his birthday, May 19. But only the city of Berkeley, California observes the holiday with city offices and schools closed.

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