Battle of Bunker Hill By: corey yaden

colonial Chronicles

Americans come up with new war strategy: Three days ago the Americans had another battle with the British on June 17, 1775 at Bunker Hill. The British general, General William Howe attempted to take the hills in order to have a tactical advantage against us fellow Americans. The American general, General William Prescott gained knowledge of this and quickly took action on preparing for battle. The Americans quickly set up on Bunker and Breeds hill and when the British found out they attacked. Commander William Howe led three charges and the Americans fended off the first two started to run out of ammunition on the third and final charge. Technically the British won the battle because the Americans retreated but it came with the cost of 226 dead British soldiers and over 800 wounded where as the Patriots didn't suffer nearly as many casualties. Not only did the Americans weaken the British army but also because they were low on ammunition the Americans came up with an ingenious saying "don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes" witch allowed the Americans to get a much closer shot on the British soldiers therefore increasing the hit accuracy. Will this improve the Americans fighting strategy?

The British and Americans making history on bunker hill

So far in there war before this there was the battle of Lexington in the April prior to Bunker hill and the day before the Battle of Bunker Hill the Continental Congress appointed George Washington commander-in-chief of continental army. In the battle of Lexington a few months back the hero Paul revere would ride around and warn ever how the British were planning on coming and he would hang one lantern in the tower if the British were coming by land and would hang two if they were coming by sea. This provided the patriots with a heads up and they were prepared to fight. Would this battle be responsible for slowing the British? Also just a few days ago general George Washington was named Commander-in-chief by the continental congress the day before the battle of Bunker Hill. Could he be the key to the colony's success?

Top: Commander-in-chief George Washington. Middle: Paul Revere on his horse. Bottom: Battle of Lexington

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Created with images by BillDamon - "The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker Hill by John Trumbull 2" • CircaSassy - "A gallop among American scenery; or, Sketches of American scenes and military adventure (1881)" • cliff1066™ - "George Washington, First President (1789-1797)" • brianfakhoury - "paul revere boston statue" • City of Boston Archives - "Battle of Lexington: Patriot's Day Reenactment (Lexington, MA)"

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