Premier National League Summer 2021 - 12&U - 18&U entry opens 10 DECEMBER 2020 AND CLOSES 23 FEBRUARY 2021

Welcome to the Entry Information Page

Please read all information below before applying as it may affect your decision to enter a team. The entry link is at the bottom of this page.

Online entry CLOSES on Tuesday 23 February 2021 (10am)

What is the Premier 12&U – 18&U Tier? The Premier 12&U-18&U tier provides an opportunity for stronger teams to compete on a regional basis in a group appropriate to their standard. The top 6 teams in 4 set regions (based on county registration) may be accepted in each age group event based on standard and geography.

Who can apply for a place in the Premier 12&U-18&U? LTA registered venues (clubs, parks, universities, tennis centres etc) with girls and/or boys teams in 12&U, 14&U and 18&U age groups.

When will we know if we have a place in the Premier 12&U-18&U? We aim to contact all team captains by Monday 1 March 2021 (at the very latest) detailing whether their application has been accepted (If you haven’t heard by Tuesday 2 March, please email nationalleague@LTA.org.uk).

Are there Finals after the group stage? Yes. There are 4 groups in an age group event. The team placed 1st in each Tier 1 group will qualify to the Premier 12U-18U Finals at the National Tennis Centre on 17/18 July 2021. Players must play in a minimum of one group match (singles or doubles) to be eligible for the Finals. There are no Finals in place at Tier 2.

Your team commitment to fixtures. Please check the dates below and agree with the following points before entering your team(s)

If you cannot commit to these dates then please consider not entering a team

It is the team captain’s responsibility, prior to applying, to ensure:

  • All players nominated are eligible to play
  • All players have given their commitment to your venue
  • All players are available on the fixed dates
  • Captains must ensure a minimum of 6 players are fully committed to meeting all of the match dates before entering. Players must only be nominated if they’re committed to at least 3 out of the 5 fixture dates. The Premier 12&U – 18&U requires travel outside of your county and region, captains and players must be committed.

Acceptance Process

  • Acceptance into Premier National League 12&U - 18&U is based on the combined rankings of 6 players nominated by the team captain at the entry stage (in line with all Junior competitions at Grade 3). Six players must be nominated for acceptance. Teams nominating 5 or less players may not be accepted.
  • The competition is split into four GB wide regions which are North, Midlands, South West and South East. Teams will be accepted per region. It is the decision of the organisers to determine the leagues in each region. The league organisers reserve the right to place a team in a different region if they feel it is of the greatest benefit to the competition and/or the right to accept fewer than 6 teams in a division.
  • Teams who do not qualify for the Premier tier will be forwarded to their relevant County based on the registration code of the venue
  • The table below serves as a guide to help you decide whether your team would be suitable for the Premier 12&U-18&U events. Rankings are used for acceptance and it is important to note this is only a guide. The acceptance for 2021 may be above or below the guidance below. A team within the criteria does not guarantee a team entry into the Premier 12&U-18&U for 2021


  • Can players play for two different clubs? A player may only represent one venue in the competition from 8&U-18&U. A player may represent a separate venue in the Open (adult) age group. However, players will only be able to play in 2 age groups, e.g. 18&U and Open
  • Can a club contract a player for this competition? No club can ‘contract’ a junior player to compete for their club. It is entirely a junior player’s (and their parents) choice to represent any club to which they are an LTA Member
  • Should we enter the same team in the County Tier and the Premier 12&U-18&U? No. If not accepted to the Premier 12&U – 18&U your entry will be passed to your County organiser
  • What if our club wants to enter more than one team in an age group event? Decide if your ‘1st’ team wish to apply for a place in the Premier 12&U-18&U. If so, submit an entry online, and enter your remaining team(s) in that event either in to the relevant Premier 12-18 event or to your County. Where this happens (E.g. for 12&U Boys) it is important you name the teams as follows - ‘Example LTC 1’ (for Premier 12&U Boys) / ‘Example LTC 2’ (for County Tier 12&U Boys) / ‘Example LTC 3’ (for County Tier 12&U Boys)
  • Will you be running a second tier of the Premier 12&U-18&U in 2021? Extra tiers may be created in some events in some regions for teams deemed too strong for their county tier. These teams cannot qualify for the Finals but will play league tennis against similar standard teams. It is the competition team’s decision to run these leagues depending on entry standard, geography and depth in regions. It is advised for teams who feel they will be too strong for their county tier to apply to the Premier tier so the competition can assess suitability
  • What other information should we know? The competition dates are fixed. Teams will need to be prepared to travel and provide indoor back-up for home matches. The entry fee is £30 per team payable online. Teams will only be accepted once payment is made.

How to enter online?

We advise all team captains entering teams to watch a ‘How to Enter Online’ video that is available on in the entry information area of the National League website.

In mid December 2020, LTA Registered Venues who entered teams entered in 2019 and/or 2020 will be sent a login and password to enter teams into the Premier 12&U–18&U. If you do not receive this email please email nationalleague@LTA.org.uk to request a club login and password to enter.

Player nominations for 6 players with LTA numbers are required (Find an LTA member number)

Acceptances will be confirmed by email to team captains on Monday 1 March 2021 (at the very latest)


Click here to enter the Premier National League Summer 2021

Draws & fixtures will be sent out to team captains early March 2021

If you have any further queries please contact nationalleague@lta.org.uk