THE MONSOON STORY IN 6 MAPS a times of india story


13 June

Timely onset over Kerala, good progress in south and central India, plus pre-monsoon showers in north, lift rains figures

11 July

After stalling over central India, monsoon moves again to cover entire country much ahead of normal schedule. South is wet but rainfall remains poor in north, east and northeast. Saurashtra bone dry

25 July

Big rain rally in central India reduces deficit to season’s best (post June). However, rice belt of north India, particularly UP & Bihar in crisis because of poor rains. Deficit in northeast continues

8 Aug

Countrywide deficit grows as rains stall in central India but dramatic improvement in distribution. North and east get monsoon bounty, rescuing kharif sowing in the paddy belt. Deficit crosses 40% in Rayalseema

31 Aug

Monsoon pattern stabilises. Deluge in Kerala but deficits elsewhere in south. Good rains continue in central and many parts of north and east India. 8% deficit in August but rain distribution fairly even

11 Sept

Monsoon weakens but north & northeast get rain due to local system. Monsoon withdrawal likely from west Rajasthan soon. Overall deficit may grow in next few days. Rain shortfall in Rayalseema touches 50%. Monsoon normal so far in 26 out of 36 subdivisions


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