HSE Health and Wellbeing Supporting Post Primary Schools with Wellbeing

Firstly, we would like to thank all school staff for their work which has kept schools safe and supportive in such challenging times. Here are some wellbeing supports for your school community we think you might find useful.

Minding Your Wellbeing Online Programme
Support for Staff and Parents

A free, online, positive mental wellbeing programme developed by the HSE aimed at supporting people to practice self care, to understand their thoughts, to explore their emotions, to build positive relationships and to improve their resilience.

Delivered via five 20 minute videos, available online at


Understanding our thoughts.

Exploring our emotions.

A Guide for Parents on Drugs and Alcohol

Practical advice to help parents communicate with their child about alcohol and other drugs.

This booklet gives parents tips on how to get the conversation about drugs and alcohol started with their teenager and how they can help them to protect themselves when faced with peer and societal pressure.

Order copies online at:


Download here: https://www.healthpromotion.ie/hp-files/docs/HNC01158.pdf

For information you can trust on alcohol and drugs visit:



SpunOut. Survival Guide to Life for 16-21 year olds.

The 'Survival Guide' is a cheat sheet for life for young adults aged 16-21, and aims to help them navigate the difficult challenges in life, whether in home, school, college or work. It contains information on education, mental health, bullying, online safety, drugs and alcohol, sexuality and relationships, employment and independence.

More information here: https://spunout.ie/guide

Order copies here: https://www.healthpromotion.ie/publication/fullListing?category=&searchHSE=spunout&x=0&y=0

TRUST Resources for Senior Cycle RSE
20 lessons and resources for Senior Cycle RSE on:


Taking time to think

Sexual health


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