J. R. Reed Photography Capturing all of life's PRECIOUS moments

You know that moment when you look over at the one you love and the light is just right and they have that look on their face that says it all...and you wish you could preserve that moment forever? Those are the moments I search for with my camera. Those are the moments I want to freeze in time with the perfect shot. Those are the moments I want to capture for you!

Father and Daughter- Moments of tenderness

Your perfect moment might one of tenderness, like above...or the moment you want to never forget, might be your child learning how to be part of something bigger than themselves ...

Whatever the sport, its these moments they'll remember most.

Perhaps, your fur babies are what complete your family. We all know our pets are in our lives for too short a time. Wouldn't it be great to capture those moments that made you smile most, so that you could remember them when they're gone?

Our pets are more than just animals...they're family!

Even those goofy times can be captured so you can remember how hard you laughed...

Meet Dozer...this photo symbolizes his personality perfectly!

Just like our furry friends, our children grow up way too fast and leave us to make their way in the world. How incredible would it be to have them frozen in time so you can revisit all the little moments that meant so much?

This is what we live for.

We also have those once a year gatherings where families and friends come together to celebrate. Whether we gather for holidays, birthdays, or just because, don't let that time together become a blurred memory. Let me stop time for you, so that you will never forget those around you that you love!


Just like the first photo on this page shows, there is a special bond between parents and their children. I love finding that special tenderness and pride that exists in that relationship...it is truly something special.

It's the little moments that count most.

Here are just a few more that I personally love and will treasure always!

Sometimes the best photos are taken when someone least expects it!

I am honored to be able to share life's precious moments with family, friends, and people like you who trust what I see through my camera lens. As I continue on this amazing journey, called photography, I will share more of these beautiful moments with you...and maybe you'll allow me to capture yours!

Website and Facebook page coming soon...in the mean time you can reach out for more information via text or call at 503-887-0594.

I can't wait to see what precious moments we will capture together!

Created By
Jennifer Reed


All photos taken by: J. R. Reed Photography

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