My DemiGod By: Brett billingsley

Hi! My name is Just Ooit and i am a demigod. I am the son of my father, Pat, and My Mother, Nike, the Goddess of strength, speed, and victory.

i have brown eyes, brown hair, and I just found out that I have wings. I'm not good with them yet, but i am still learning and figuring out how they work. She said that she had lost hers when she grew older.

My myth about Valley is that there is a secret upstairs. Only demi-gods are allowed up there. In that second floor is mount Olympus, where all the gods are. I was allowed up there one day to give the lost helm of the underworld to Zeus. The doorway up there is from the cafeteria. The door just to the right of the girls bathroom brings you up a pair of white, glowing stairs, like your are going to heaven. Then, the ground turns in to clouds that you can walk on. there is no roof, but from the outside, there is. The weather there is always nice.

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