i am defiance the Conception of a gin

D e f i a n t - in - n a t u r e

Bold, Open & Resistant

Meet The Family

Defiance London Dry, Defiance Wild Rose & Defiance Navy Strength

Non Conformist - Saluting Great Courage in the Face of Adversity

A Tale To Tell

Born November 2017, After A Years Planning & Experimentation, My Symbol Shone Out, Adorning The First Batch Released

I Am Hope, Strength, A New Dawn Full Of Promise

The Birch Tree

My Creator

Paul Sheerin - Founder of Defiance & My Maker

A Self-Confessed Gin Head, With A Passion For Music, Quotes & All Things Tolkien

Meet Thy Maker

Admiring The Goods

There's Always Time For A Refill

I'm Forever Out On Show


Foraging & Natures Botanicals Are My Heart & Soul

My Creator Envisioned This, Without Him I Would Not Exist.

Foraged Botanicals

My Unusual Botanicals Are Freshly Foraged & Responsibly Sourced Within Lancashire, Yorkshire & Scotland

A Few Of My More Unusual Botanicals

Tangerine Root

Sweet Cicely

Sitka Tips


These Are Steeped & Boiled Before Adding Quality Dry Botanicals - Juniper, Coriander Seed, Cinnamon Quills, Orange & Lemon Peel, Cardoman, Nutmeg, Myrrh Gum, Orris & Angelica Root

I Required a Place, to Branch Out and Develop Further

In January 2018, I Gained Access To My New Home - An Old Mill, A Shadow Of Its Former Glory

My New Home

For Me

So Much More

Than Just An Empty Space ...!!

I Dared to Dream

May 2018, My Labour Of Love Transformed - Welcome To The Defiance Distillery

The Distillery

Come & Join Me - A Wonderful Place To Relax

The Distillation Room

Wondrous Permutations Happen Here

Galadriel - Queen of the Stills

You Know My Beginnings - My Aspirations Like Yours Are Growing, To Venture Further And Explore New Horizons

The Journey Of Discovery Continues

I Am No Longer In The Dark - Love & Appreciation

Helped Me Find The Light


Created By
Fiona. J. Biltcliffe


F J Biltcliffe - Photographer & Author