Final Google Tools Presentation Rob Fillmann - Spring 2017

My Personal Objectives for this course:

  • Learn how to better use Google Forms and Slides to interact with my students in the classroom (move away from PowerPoint!)
  • Learning how to use Google Earth as an educational tool.
  • Become more familiar with and develop skills in Google Calendar Classroom and YouTube video posting/editing.

The Pathway to Achieving My Goals:

Great instruction/demonstration from local coordinator... Lots of time/opportunity to explore and play... Experimentation in my classroom... Collaboration and and analysis with colleagues.

5 Modules Explored!

With the aid of Eduspire's Moodle Site!

Project #1: Gmail

Project #2: Chrome Apps/Extensions

Project #3: Google Earth Project

Project #4: Google Docs

Project #5: YouTube

1. There is a huge pile of resources right at my fingertips to enhance and completely change how I deliver instruction, students work and learn and how assignments are collected and evaluated!
2. Understanding a wide variety of tools and applications can allow me to integrate/synthesize/combine them into more powerful final products (i.e. Using Google Earth/Maps as a lab platform, but embedding the assignment in Google Classroom and using Google Docs as a means of collecting and assessing student work).
3. Variety is the spice of life. This can be true in terms of education and learning as well. Maintaining student interest and motivation, keeping my instruction fresh and original and creating an overall classroom atmosphere of growth and development are can be facilitated by using MANY different tools.

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