Czech Republic by: Jack H. and Stas s.

School in the Czech Republic

There are many schools in the Czech Republic, but I was very surprised that only nine of them offer the IB programme. International Baccalaureate has been teaching in the Czech Republic since 1995 and has grown from one school to nine. All nine of the schools offer the DP (Diploma Programme), but only one offers the MYP (Middle Years Programme). All of the IB schools in the country teach in English as well as Czech. The schools that offer the IB programme range in price from 2,000 american dollars to 14,500 American dollars.

Example of architecture in the Czech Republic

Czech's and there architecture are still very "stuck in the past." There are many types of architecture, but the main types are Art Nouveau, Baroque, Romanesque, Classicism, and Functionalism. The Czech Republic has a more broad type of architecture compared to Colonial Williamsburg, which contains mainly Colonial Revival style architecture. You can find traces of Central European architecture that are over 1,000 years old! The prague castle in Pargue is an example of Romanesque style. This same style can also be found in monastery's across the country. Gothic architecture is very popular in cathedrals and can also be found in urban homes and the Stone Bridge in Pisek. There is another type of Gothic called Bohemian Gothic which is found in the Karlstejn Castle. The Czech Republic has many old Renaissance Chateaux's.

Street of the Old Town

The Czech Republic is the birthplace of the famous artists Alfons Mucha and Frantisek Kupka. Oil painting is a very popular style of painting in the Czech and a lot look similar to the painting shown above. The Czech's use mainly the same painting style's as other country's such as the U.S. The Czech's also use Celtic style art which is a very distinct style of art. Glass art is a very big industry in the Czech Republic and most commonly makes jewelry. In the 15 hundreds, Emperor Rudolph II ordered famous artists Bartholomeus Spranger, Hans Von Aachen, and Adrien de Vries to paint vegetables and flowers in his castle.


In the Czech Republic, the family is the center of the social structure. Czech is a melting pot of religions including catholicism, protestant, and orthodox. Obligation to the family is a person's first priority. Czechs are very careful planning, so you will never find that they don't know there way around or details of something important to them. People in our country are very private until you get to know them, and they are also very formal. They are never overly emotional but polite. When you are walking along, they tend to not acknowledge people they don't know well.

Where the Czech Republic is on the map
Sausage hanging outside a shop

Czech cooking is not very healthy and meals normally start with a bowl of soup(polevka). Popular soups are potato, Garlic, Chicken Noodle, Beef w/ Liver Dumpling, Sauerkraut, and Dill. The main course usually consists of a meat and a side dish. Side dishes usually are Fries, Mashed Potatoes, Sauerkraut, or Potato Salad. Like most places, dessert is usually served after the meal and is rather fatty. Czechs eat typical desserts with the addition of crepes and honey cakes.


Czech has some fun and historical pieces of music. And with this music are dances to go with it. For example: the most famous dance is called the Polka. And when immigrants came to America they traveled to Texas and brought with them polkas and waltzes.Some traditional music in the country was composed by these major people: Dvorak, Smetana, and Martinu. The most famous piece in the Czech is called The New World Symphony by Dvorak, Ma vlast by Smetana, and Sinfonietta from Janacek. The most common instrument is the bag pipe. Czechs have a passion for singing and dancing. They often name songs after their home towns. Today many kids and adults like Punk Rock.

Weather in Czech Republic

Weather in Czech is often cold. In the summer it is mild and sticks to about 65-70 degrees. Even though it sounds nice in the summer it rains a lot. The Czech gets about 526 millimeters of rain a year. That is 482 more millimeters a year compared to Richmond, Virginia. With that much rain you can only get around 43 days of sun. And even worse, the air has very bad quality.

Interesting facts

Some interesting facts about Czech is that the Prague Zoo is ranked 7th among the best zoos in the world. Gregor Mendel was from the Czech Republic. He was a very famous scientist. The most interesting fact may be that Ivana Trump was born in Czech Republic.


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