Circuit Breaker Labs Recycling through art and science.

Scientist-turned-artist Amanda Preske is on a mission to bridge the gap between science and art while encouraging responsible recycling. At Circuit Breaker Labs, she transforms electronic waste into wearable art and gift product. These circuit boards were discarded and unwanted, but when paired with Amanda’s expertise and critical eye, they become beautiful futuristic worlds captured under resin.

Eco-Conscious as well as beautiful.

From advances in semiconductor synthesis to artificial intelligence, technology has revealed a fantastic future full of progress and possibilities. Yet, the very advances that improve and save lives leave a trail of toxic waste in their wake. Circuit boards are under-recycled, causing pollution and adverse health effects. Circuit Breaker Labs’ handmade products transform electronic waste into wearable art and gift products.

Amanda holds a PhD in chemistry but considers the studio to be her current lab. She is dedicated to delivering a message on the importance of science, technology, and responsible recycling to a wider audience. Her unique background as a scientist turned artist allows her to speak effectively on a wide variety of topics including women in science, sustainability, STEAM and STEM education, the maker cultural phenomenon, and 21st century entrepreneurship. Amanda is ready to offer her insights though video and audio interviews, podcast appearances, public speaking events, seminars, written articles and other media formats.

Circuit Breaker Labs Studio Tour

Washington, DC based, the workshop is surrounded by many local scientific and medical organizations whose employees represent Circuit Breaker Labs biggest fans. Being this close to the action allows Amanda to maintain a great relationship with the local scientific community as well as the policymakers around it.

Circuit Breaker Labs is more than a business. It is a platform to inform the public regarding science, technology, the environment and other issues. The business exists as a reminder that even what can be thrown away can be made beautiful. Circuit Breaker Labs’ handmade products are available to purchase online at circuitbreakerlabs.com or in person at an event near you.