7 elements of art By noemi banuelos

Shapes: If you look closely at something you notice it's made up of different shapes We spend all our time in such a hurry that we never take the time to notice all the different shapes that are all around us in our daily lives
Color: Why is it that we use colors to describe how we feel and why is it that one color can describe many emotions, like red, red can mean anger or love, it's very confusing
Lines: I always thought that lines made up the world, but how can something make up the world if it doesn't really exist
Value: Life is like value, there are light and dark moments and then there are those in between moments where you don't know what's going on
Form: Form is a three-dimensional figure. It's very thing we see around us. It's our friends, houses and possessions. It's what we are
Texture: This pillow is soft, This pillow is very comfy, I use it to sleep
Space: When you day dream you normally stare off into space. It's like you're creating your own little world in that area of emptiness

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