The Tone of America BY Amanda Tomaszewski , Maddy Armsworth, Yosef Abustan

I hear America complaining, the busy voices I hear

Those drivers, stuck in traffic screaming on top of their lungs trying to get somewhere

The students, complaining all the US History homework they get in class

The bullies, making fun of the weak on social media since they know they are haters

those addicted to electronics, always complaining about what celebrities are always doing with their lives

The customers at Mcdonald's, saying that their food come fast enough

The welfare users, complaining they don’t enough money from the taxpayers

Those workers, saying they don’t job because of immigration

The political people, screaming about president elected is doing to mess up our government

The Twitter follower, retweeting all the hate people are posting about other people

Those getting fat, saying they don’t get enough nutrition from the products from fast food places

The vegans, complaining that we are destroying the earth and people being meat eaters

The train takers, are yelling at the train station since they miss their train back home

Each complaining person raising their fists into they get their way in life.

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