8 Things you should know about having sisters By: Dawson Anderson

#1 Your sister always gets the TV

Oh boy don't even get me started on this one trust me this is a definite yes to having a sister she always gets the TV and if you try to fight over getting the TV with her at all she'll have a piss fit about that and the parents will hear about that and you won't see the end of it trust me just save yourself some time in agony and hand it over if she asks.

#2 Never argue what you want for dinner with her

Don't even start going down this road if she says she wants something else that you don't want just go ahead and agree with her you're gonna sit there for hours on end arguing back-and-forth on what you want. And believe me you'll never win this even after you think you might have won then the parents get a text "Dawsons not buying me what I want!" And then oh boy will you have a problem coming to you, just get her what she wants or you won't be able to sleep thinking about the fact your sister is gonna kill you because she didn't get what she wanted to eat.

#3 Never tell your sisters any secrets

I'm sure we've all been down this road Yep sister walks in on you doing something you really shouldn't. You ask her please don't tell mom I'll bribe you as you hand her $20 you knew it's still not gonna make a difference. At this point in time you knew you were dead even before she walked out of the room, this is like a giant roadblock I promise you you're never getting around this she's never gonna let it go, she's always going to hold this against you for anything you do. "Want to play Tea cups?" Believe me if you say no to that question she's going to rat you out

#4 Always be nice to your sister

I know your sister might be a pain in your rear but honestly it pays off to be nice to her he'll come back around one day when you're in trouble and she backed you up. Just the simple things by being nice to her at the breakfast table at the dinner table just saying nice things saying hi to her in the halls. And someday it'll come in handy when you get in big trouble and then she backs you up while your parents are chewing you out. I know you might not like her now but trust me you'll miss her when she moves out.

#5 Be Sensitive around that time of the month

Oh boy this is a big one just be cautious around this time of the month trust me she's a little nippy. You may not even know but say one wrong thing And bam you're stuck in a beartrap she's going to get mad at you for the entire rest of the day get you in trouble for anything you possibly try to do. If you're even slightly mean to her she won't let it go at least for this week. But definitely the number one thing you shouldn't do is bring it up or ask if it's her time of the month because that's when she explodes and snaps. After this moment you better sleep with one eye open but she's coming after you with that rage and terror.

#6 If someone hurts your little sister you hurt them

Especially being the big brother if that one bully picks on your sister at school oh boy do you come after them with those your mom jokes, you always got to be there for your little sister and if someone decides that they're going to put down your sister you're gonna put them into the ground. After you do this makes you take your little sister over to get some ice cream so she feels better he recovers from this. Later that night teach her some karate so next time that bully won't know what's coming.

#7 If your sister comes to you with guy problems... RUN!

Oh man does this happen a lot, your sister comes Home crying because she got dumped by her boyfriend that she has been with for 2 weeks and down to get another one next week. You hear this every month, "why don't boys like me, am I ugly, I wish I could be better" all she does is rant all night but you got a listen to it because if you don't she will ruin you. You tell her "I bet you can find someone even better than that boring guy, you're a pretty young lady and you will find the love of your life soon." No one likes the situation so if you can get out of it run as fast as you can get away from it as soon as possible.

#8 In the end you need to always love your sister.

It's true no matter how many times you try to deny it, you will always love your sister even if she pisses you off every single day. She can annoy you so much that you don't talk to her for an entire month but I promise you when the day comes that she leaves the house, give it only a couple weeks before you start saying "oh boy I really miss her." Yep keep saying you won't but I know deep down you will. You'll think back to all the great memories you guys had just sit there very sad because you knew you loved her so much and then you thought back to those days when you got mad at each other and thought why did we ever do that we should've always loved each other.

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