Analyzing a poem By - Janvi ishwar

Upon a beach

Upon a beach

The author of this poem is unknown. So to break the poem down so we can understand it's meaning when it says "upon a beach," they are saying at the beach. Next it says " three small shells lay," which means there are three shells. After it says " and saw the water come out to play," which means the tides are high. Then it says " Went back to the sea, and took those shells," which means after they went back there they took those shells. Finally it says " One, Two, Three," which means they took all three of the shells. An example of figurative language in the poem was when it said " and saw the water come out and play," which is an example of personification because it is giving a non-human a human-like quality.

Three small shells lay,

And saw the water

Come out to play

But, all the waves

Went back to sea,

And took those shells,

One, two, three

Created By
Janvi Ishwar


Created with images by Sean MacEntee - "Beach"

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