RMC 10 - 36 Western Sunday - 2018/09/02

London, ON - RMC (0-1) played the first game of the year Sunday on the road against the Western Mustangs (1-0), falling 36-10.

Western scored their first of six tries on the day 20 minutes into the match.


The home team led the Paladins 19-0 at the break.


After winning a line-out, RMC drove down the rest of the field, where Hayden Vaugeois eventually pushed his way over the line to score the Paladins first try of the season.


Another key line-out led to Michael Gallant scoring the Paladins second try on the last play of the game.

RMC is on the road again next weekend, traveling to Toronto for a Sunday evening matchup with the Varsity Blues (0-1).

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