Christianity Alejandra cardenas, jennifer carreno, diana alvayero

2. In this religion, the people that are called christians. Today, there are over 2.4 billion christians. Most of them live in United States today.

3. Christianity began in Israel, after Jesus' death. It all began after Jesus' death , because when he died everyone spread their beliefs.

4. The founder of Christianity was the apostle Paul.

5. Paul spread his word spread to the Jewish communities.

6. Christians believe in only one God, they call Father as Jesus Christ as taught them. They identified Jesus as the son of God, and that God is a Trinity, which is referring as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Christians believe in final judgment day.

7. Their Holy book is called Holy Bible.

8. Christians worship in churches and cathedrals.

9. Christians use the cross symbol as reminder of God's love and sacrificing his own son for humanity.

10. Some holidays Christians celebrate are Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, etc.

11. Some interesting facts about Christianity:

1. Christians believe in a God that created heaven and earth.

2. The first Christians were Jews.

3.Christians referred to Jesus as the messiah.

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