Climate change is both Zach boddington

It's apart of earth cycles but we do pollution the world and we do cut down trees. There have been ice ages and pollution which has made it worse. We are just putting a blacket over the earth. We have to stop polluting the world to make it equals.
Animal decay witch release co2 + mature but we have fossil fuels witch add more. Animal may decay which we burn which release more pollution. This could cause way to much heat in earth. They well burned more then animal decaying so we well run out.
Floods happen whenever and wherever with urbanisation. The more trees we cut down there well be more floods. Because the trees well soak up the water from flooding. So they well be too much co2 because we keep cutting down trees.
It is estimated in the nested 100 years there will be no rainforest. They is 5,436,318 football grounds of trees cut down.
This is what deforestation looked like over the years.


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "NASA Ocean Data Shows ‘Climate Dance’ of Plankton" • bm.iphone - "water color wall paper" • bm.iphone - "water color wall paper" • bm.iphone - "water color wall paper"

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