The lost illustrations of fall 2020 Adrienne Green, Jack Streveler, Kyra Saley, Nghi Tran, Niko Vu, Mickey Calata, Reed Steiner

Our illustration team at The State Press produces piles of illustrations every semester for our articles, attracting hundreds to thousands of eyes on our social media to our website. Not all illustrations get to live this glorious life of social media feeds and front-page fame.

Occasionally, stories get pushed, abandoned or lose their news value. When they do, their illustrations end up in the endless halls of The State Press archives until they get a moment to shine at the end of the year. Please enjoy the hard work of the illustration desk that has remained unseen by the public.

Mickey Calata – "Spending the holidays in the dorms."
Reed Steiner – "All hail ASU." From an unpublished story on the University Senate and USG have no power, despite representing the two biggest groups on campus.
Niko Vu – Created for an unpublished poem.
Adrienne Green – "Providing sports and recreation to everyone is a goal of an inclusive university." From an unpublished article on student experiences with recreational activities provided by the SDFC for students with disabilities.
Nghi Tran – From an unpublished story on misinterpretation of South Asian women in news.
Jack Streveler – "Students struggle to rise above their college debt." From an unpublished piece on the Department of Education rejecting student relief claims.
Kyra Saley – “Face masks have become self-expressive and have become a reminder of collective responsibility.”
Adrienne Green – "ASU's police department is going green after they received a grant to buy two Zero DSR electric motorcycles."
Reed Steiner – From an unpublished feature story on ASU's Cloud Innovation Center.
Niko Vu – “Waymo's driverless cars have been introduced to the Phoenix-Tempe area.”
Adrienne Green – "The ideal physique of a woman in popular culture over time."
Reed Steiner – From an unpublished article about a vaccine to eradicate breast cancer being developed at ASU by multiple professors.
Kyra Saley – From an unpublished article on rent assistance during COVID-19.
Adrienne Green – From an unpublished story on ASU and local institutions' role in antibody cocktail research.
Jack Streveler – "COVID-19 haunts ASU campus."
Kyra Saley – From an unpublished story on nursing majors doing acts of service in the community.
Adrienne Green – An unpublished illustration for the New American Film School's new BFA program and facilities.
Adrienne Green (right), Kyra Saley (left, bottom)


Adrienne Green, Jack Streveler, Kyra Saley, Nghi Tran, Niko Vu, Mickey Calata, Reed Steiner