Journey Log 9 Responsibility and how I had to come to terms with it

Over the course of this past week, I have had a lot of difficulties with this class, and it has been stressing me out I will admit. For the longest time I thought my assignments were sharing with Chris, and I made the mistake to not check in with him to be sure of this. Because of my inconsistency to check in and make sure of this, my grade has suffered tremendously, but at this point, I understand that it was my responsibility to keep tabs on all of my work; all I can do now, is work as hard as I can to do everything and make the best of what I can.

Once Chris graded my work, I was even more worried. My grade had dropped significantly and I then went through the comments on my research paper to find that I had not followed through the assignment to the best that it could've been. I had not gone into enough depth of the monster, and only scratched the surface per say. I immediately had to get to work and accept that I did it wrong and own up to it. I feel as if this has taken a huge toll on me over the course of these last couple days, but I am confident that I will do enough of the work to get my grade back up. I honest to goodness thought I was doing the paper right, which made me become more aware of how I should split the assignment up next time and be ahead of things.

Trial and Errors: Lots of them

For future purposes, I am going to make sure I check in with my professor to be sure that I am on the right track. I cannot afford for this to happen in another class, because other professors may not be as helpful as Chris was. I am extremely thankful that I was able to experience this, and especially now, as opposed to later in my college career, so I learn from this and grow as a student for future years in my English courses. I am actually proud of myself for taking the responsibility to figure out what I did, even if it was very late on, and I'm going to work my ass off to get my grade back to as high as I am able to.

I attached this video to my Adobe Spark page because I have related to this song a lot lately because I feel as if many would not push through this, and just accept that they won't get back from this. "It's Not Over yet" and it won't be over until I give up.


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