Fainehaven Together in all

Welcome to Fainehaven!

Because everyone has purpose and worth, we create a place where all are heard and understood.

Membership Policy

1. There are no lies (Any exceptions will be specified by our leader)

2. Creativity is private (Art, writing, music, and other forms of expression are to be kept to the creator unless approved by our leader. This is to protect from criticism and disrespect)

3. Topics of discussion must be respectful and not rude

4. Each citizen must complete five hours of service per week (Options listed in available Service Centers)

5. Issues must be solved with words, not violence (Any continuing grievances will be reported to leading representatives)

6. Education is required and free to all

7. Every citizen must be taken care of

8. Immigrants are thouroughly checked and can be refused entry

9. Meals and ingredients are monitored by leading representatives and made for residents

10. Punishments must be understandable and must have a proven cause (Trials are judged privately and by our leader)

Our Residences

Schedules are arranged for residents. A basic schedule would include;

Sleep, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, School and Work, An Hour for Service or Free time, Homework, Reading, and our Mandatory Radio Broadcast (Hosted by our leader)

A Magnificent Monarchy

The people of Fainehaven live wonderfully happy lives thanks to the sacrifices of our leader, Leah Renee Fisher, whose kindness and strategic plans grant us all a fair life. She knows all, decides all, and is never dying.

Our Leader, Unseen

Fainehaven, a place for all.

To join this community, simply scream into your mailbox and leave a bucket of crickets in your yard along with a slice of pizza shaped like a cat's tongue. The pizza is for the driver. A transport will arrive at midnight that evening.

Thank You!

(note...the end seems odd because I decided the world was too perfect. And I am in fact the leader :3)


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