Dolphins By:Varsha B.

Where do dolphins live?

Dolphins live in all oceans. Salt water keeps their skin soft. Most dolphins live and swim in warm waters near the equator. Dolphins are found near the rivers.

What are Dolphins lifecycles?

A female dolphin gives birth to 1 calf at a time. 1 calf is about 4 feet long[1.2 meters] long.Mothers help the calfs to the serface to get out air.


dolphins body?

They are 30 feet [9 meters] long. They are sea mammals.Dolphins move their tail flukes up and down to swim.Dolphins use 2 flippers and a doorsel to steer.

What food do dolphins eat?

Dolphins eat Squid,Fish and Shrimp. They often work together to catch food and surround. Dolphins grab food from their sharp teeth. They swallow all their food.

Fun facts?

Dolphins often leap out of the ocean. They jump 16 feet[5 meters]high. They use blowholes on their heads to breathe. Their are about 32 different kind of dolphins that live in oceans.

I got my information from pebblego.

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