Argon DeShea hunter

The element "Argon" was discovered by Sir William Ramsay, Lord Rayleigh in 1894.
Argon (Ar) has an atomic number or 18 and a mass number of 39.948 or 40.
Argon has 18 protons, 18 electrons, and 22 neutrons
Argon is a gas. It is mostly used as an inert shielding gas.
Argon is non-metallic. Some physical properties are its colorless and odorless. Chemical properties are it does not react fast with other elements or compounds
Some unusual facts about argon is that It makes up 1.28% of the Earth's atmosphere. It was also the first Nobel gas discovered. It is also 38% denser than air, so it remains close to the ground when used.


Created with images by Hubble Space Telescope / ESA - "A nitrogen-rich nebula" • Spudgun67 - "Sir WILLIAM RAMSAY 1852-1916 Chemist Discoverer of the Noble Gases lived here 1887-1902" • fdecomite - "Argon" • UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences - "Crab Nebula with Hubble and Herschel"

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