friendship by: Victoria strauss

A deep-sworn vow By: W.B. Yeats

Others because you did not keep

that deep-sworn vow have been friends of mine;

yet always when i look death in the face,

when i clamber to the heights of sleep,

or when i grow excited with wine,

suddenly i meet your face.

I understand this poem because I can feel the speaker longing for his or her lover or friend. When they are feeling down or when things get bad they wish for that person. The theme fits because it shows how you need your friends.

Oceanside, CA. By: Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Balancing on crutches in the shallows

near her mother, a girl missing her right lower leg

swings her body and falls, laughing.

Behind them, her father and brother play catch.

Up the beach, the incoming tide nibbles

a sleeping woman, another beer is opened.

A young veteran walks by with a high and tight buzz cut and Semper Fi shoulder tattoo, his right leg a prosthesis to mid thigh.

he approaches the family, removes the prothesis, and joins the girl in the water.

they lift shorn legs high and smack them down.

no one talks about the war.

This poem relates to the theme of friendship because the veteran in the story the poem tells showed the little girl not to be afraid to show her true self. By doing this he taught her a lesson and was a friend to her. Because they had something in common that they may have struggled with, he showed her how she can overcome it.

February 29. - By: Jane Hirshfeild, 1953

An extra day—

Accidental, surely:

The made calendar stumbling over the real as a drunk trips over the threshold too low to see.

An extra day—

With a second cup of black coffee. A friendly but businesslike phone call. A mailed back package. Some extra work, but not too much— just one day's worth, exactly.

An extra day—

Not unlike the space between a door and it's frame when one room is lit and another is not, and one changes into the other as a women exchanges a scarf.

An extra day—

Extraordinarily like any other and still there is some generosity to it with the lottery re-readable after it's writer has died.

This poem relates because it kind of gives the day February 29th personification by relying on it like a friend. And though it's a day not a person, it acts like one. My understanding of this poems is that it's the little things that count like "an extra day" in which the speaker repeats after each stanza.


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