Morning at the Window T. S. Eliot



St. Louis, MO

Henry Ware Eliot (Father), Charlotte Champe Stearns (Mother)

His Life

he was alienated from both of the places he called home

his parent moved around a lot. He was constantly changing his surroundings so he never got comfortable.

scarlet fever almost prevented him from graduation.

How History Affected His Work

WW1 Is beginning

Beginning of the "Modern Age"

Many men felt emasculated during this time period. Men coming back from the war felt less manly because the women had began to be more independent and able to function by themselves

Common Themes

Used many allusions, quotes, footnotes, and exegeses

All of his work reflects his feelings during different events throughout his life. ("The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" reflects feelings of emasculation from men returning from WW1)



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