Stonehill PYP Exhibition 2017

Presenting the 2017 Exhibition Groups

Extinct and Endangered Animals: Felicie, Elie, Loris & Mona

Video Gaming Addiction: Sharan, Oliver & Maarten

Gender Equality: Matthijs, Nanase, Zahra & Youjean

Animal Rights: Lizzie & Rowan

Positive Mindset to Learning: Rahul

Climate Change: Hridaya, Aashi, Suhotra & Leander

Self Image: Kimia, Mirabai, Livvie & Karina

Eco Gardening: Palaash & Matthijs

Poverty and Opportunities: Claudia, Miki, Clara & Saher

Water Pollution: Percy & Ingrid

Street Dogs: Daisy, Angelina, Ella & Wilma

Created By
Amanda Mccloskey


Amanda McCloskey

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