In Texas there was a farm that was near a river that looked like an average farm but it was special. The farm let one homeless person stay with them every 2 weeks for 3 days to stay with they and do light work and help them get a job. The farm had crops and had animals. The farm was owned by a farmer named Steve who had owned the farm for 15 years and his two adopted kids named Tom and Dan.

Dan Tom and Steve

This week they had a homeless man named Bill who had been homeless for about a year. His house burned down and he was fired from his job. He was a old man with ripped clothes.


The farm was a place where a homeless person could work and be part of the family and be happy for a while but Bill was not happy.

they fed Bill and gave him a bed to sleep in, and he seemed happy. But on the second day Bill seemed different.

We he woke up he went to the kitchen where Steve had made coffee "Hi Bill how are you today?'' said Steve ''I don't care" said Bill’’. Then Bill took Steve’s coffee and went back to his room.

Steve went to tell Tom and Dan that Bill was being rude and to leave him alone for a while.

This had happened before when a homeless man named John had done something similar and Steve had kicked him out after he threatened to hit Tom and Dan.

When Steve started to think he realized that he should teach Bill how to work so maybe they could get a job. Also include him in more activities so Bill could be more active and not just lay in his bed.

But when Steve when to talk to Bill about if he works then he could get a job but in the middle of the confrontation Bill he when over to Steve and yelled at him "I don't want to work!" When Steve heard this he said "If you don't get up we will kick you out"! yelled Steve. Then it was silent as an empty forest for about a minute but then Bill went to sleep.

Then Steve left to grow crops with Tom and Dan. Steve didn't talk to them about what happened. Trying as hard not to talk about what happened and hoping Tom or Dan wouldn't ask he wouldn't constraint on working. But eventually he got back to work.

Just as he was about to talk Tom and Dan about Bill he saw Bill walking towards the farm ''wait he said i am sorry about yelling and i am ready to work"! "Great!" Said Steve.

After that Bill. got a job and Steve then offered a job to every homeless person who stayed with them after that.


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