Love, Lucy ...

Ciaoooooo regazzi. Too many countries and too little time I tell ya. Checked 2 more off the list this week and couldn't resist a quick ~blog~ about it. Was going to try and hold off and hit y'all with 3 whole trips in one post, but most of you skim these anyways so I decided to save your time, and mine. SOOOO lets talk about GER-MA-NY, let's talk about u & me (I hate myself lol)

From Holland to Munich, we kept our touristy juices flowing during our quick 36 hours in Germany. We woke up in Wombats hostel (with our two roommates from Taiwan and South Korea who really didn't enjoy our (s)quad) & made our way to Starbucks for a VENTI coffee on our rainy Tuesday morning before our walking tour through the city. (Ps it rains EVEYWHERE I go and my friends think I'm cursed because of it... sorry not sorry people). We enjoyed the most German lunch consisting of cheese filled sausage and dark beer (#abroadchangedme) and saw the Marienplatz, open air market, and the Hofbrahaus (HAUSSS).

After our walking tour , we decided to make the trek to Dachau concentration camp, which was about a 30 min train ride outside of the city. Although we knew it was going to be a depressing visit, I think we are all extremely glad to have done it. It was absolutely the most chilling , yet humbling experience we've had. Watching a documentary inside the museum, reading personal stories, and seeing original pictures that represented exact rooms where we were standing was tough to do. Walking around the camp really put things in perspective and it's hard to explain it until you go yourself. Overall, I'm incredibly humbled to be able to tell my kids some day that I've been and seen what was, Dachau.

Ft. Doner, another mystery meat meal of the weekend

Lifting spirits was incredibly necessary after our afternoon , so to top off our short lived time in Munich we HAD to see a biergarten for ourselves. The rumors are true people, the beer is served in LITERS and meat to a German, is like pasta to an Italian, they wouldn't have it any other way. We had too much fun ~doing as the German do~ so, with that, cheers to our waitress dressed in an Oktoberfest dress who surprised us with 3 entrees of mystery meat, our pony tailed tour guide, & those mustard dipped pretzels that took digging for spare change to purchase. Munich, THX & XOXO for sharing your people, culture and beer with us.

Butttttt off to Switzerland we go! The foursome splits for another 36 hours and separation anxiety settles in... Abby and I decide to make a pit stop in Lake Geneva for some expensive food (9 dollars is the most I ever want to pay for a sesame seed bagel with cream cheese) and views by the lake #lakelife #MNgirls #welovelakes. We took a couple Ls throughout our morning, starting with what was supposed to be a train, but ended up being a coach bus ride across Germany before sunrise (L 1). Arriving 45 min late to Zurich , thx to our driver who "don't speak English" (L2) we hopped on the next train headed towards Geneva. With no wifi or data in other countries , navigating becomes quite difficult. But we made it!! Against all odds and our French speaking airbnb host (L3)!! We enjoyed rose by the lake, we communicated with locals in languages that are not English, and we explored cute, local cafes filled with work week humans and incredibly smart children. So thx Geneva. Thanks for sharing your everyday life in the "land of humanity".

Well people, here we are, our last stop for SB2k17, Nice, France. Abby and I were welcomed back into the quad with appetizers on the balcony before sunset. Life does NOT get better than this, I'm convinced. Arriverderci bellas, thanks for creeping, thanks for reading, thanks for caring!! XOXO

Love, Lucy

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