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Reconstruction begins

Reconstruction is the work after the war, to get the seceded states and bring them to the union and the south to rebuild their part and it’s happening in our own backyard. Reconstruction needs to happen so the US can actually be the United States again. It is going to help both of the north and south in their own parts. And unfortunately the south is in ruins nothing but dirt. The economy in the south is so bad it's terrifying and very few buildings are up and running. The citizens are trying to rebuild and recover from the Civil War.

Two plans one POSSIBILITY

Now the plan for reconstruction. So far Lincoln's plan for reconstruction is by far the lowest bar you could imagine. Only 10% of the south to take the oath of loyalty if this does happen then they can form a new government and return to the union.
LINCON ASSASSINATED. The president assassinated! President Lincoln was assassinated by who we believe is John Wilkes Boothe on April 14. Lincoln was attending one of his favorite plays “Our American Cousin” at Ford's Theatre and he was unfortunately shot in the back of the head. Luckily Andrew Johnson has stepped up to plate and taken place of president Lincoln.
Johnson's plan for reconstruction is much more strict than lincoln's but more efficient. Johnson is letting the south know that we are not paying the debts that have been put in place because of the war, he also is applying that the south needs to get rid of slavery he will enforce this by sending troops to help make sure that they do get the job done, lastly nullify the act of secession.

Slavery ends in teXas

Gordon granger is a unionist who commanded a union force to texas on june 19, 1865. He arrived in galveston to take over the state and state reconstruction. He told the people and enforced that slavery is over. For this day they created a holiday. Juneteenth, also known as Juneteenth Independence Day or Freedom Day, is a holiday that is celebrated on June 19, 1865. Juneteenth is known for the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas. For many people in the late 1800’s it changed their lives the as it does white and African American people in the United States.
Since it was hard for African Americans to find jobs and make living for themselves in a very racist place they created the freedman's bureau. The Freedman's bureau is a program that helps freed African Americans find jobs and issue food and clothing to the sick, aged and poor. The also found schools to provide education for the freed people so they can make a living.

New texas government appointed

Johnson made Andrew J. Hamilton as the next Texas governor. Hamilton is a former state representative who represented texas in congress when the secession crisis began. The constitutional convention met in Austin on February 1866. They were ex-confederate soldiers and Supported secession. Most don't want African Americans to have rights. This convention was very bias most people are against black rights so at first they gave blacks the minimum they could, but now they are starting to at rules.

A new constitUtion

After johnson's plan barely making it by attacks from radical republicans congress is getting mad. Congress wants to take over reconstruction and not the president. The voters of Texas approved of the constitution and elected a new state government. The voters elected James W. Throckmorton an ex-confederate soldier. The government pushed laws called black codes which restricted the rights of freed people.

If you are wondering what black codes are then I'll tell you. Black codes are laws limiting the rights of African Americans passed by southern governments.

Congress takes control

After johnson's plan barely making it by attacks from radical republicans congress is getting mad. Congress wants to take over reconstruction and not the president. President Johnson did not want to give up control of reconstruction. He also believed that some measures that congress passed were unnecessary so he vetoed them. In late 1866 the congressional elections gave the radical republicans two-thirds control of both houses of congress. With the power to override any veto, they launched their own reconstruction plan.

Radical republicans are a group of people who believe that congress should take control of reconstruction

Radical reconstruction beginS

Now we're talking about the radical republicans plan for reconstruction which is way harsher. This plan declared that existing governments in the south are illegal. Congress is dividing the south into five military districts and put a general in each. Congress also required many white southerners to take the ironclad oath and repeal their black codes. The ironclad oath enforces that the individual had not voluntarily served in the confederate army or aided the confederacy. And The military districts are part of the reconstruction plan. The military will rule the districts until the states met certain requirements. The southern states have to ratify the fourteenth amendment and some states were also required to ratify the fifteenth amendment.
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