Bryce Widlund "rUN JDM"

My Passion


Life's too short to drive boring cars

Give a man a car, he'll be happy for the day. Give a man a women and he'll be happy for the night. Give a man a women who loves cars, he will be happy for life.

JDM Fests

JDM Festivals are the biggest car meets in history with thousands of people from all over the world showing off there builds and rides. I have been to only local shows that don't get as big as these but are still super fun.

Everything evolves around time, and money, the 2 things that are needed to make cars fast and look good. For some people this is there career, building cars just to blow them up and start over and that's what always keeps things interesting.

Future Career

Being a Diesel Mechanic has always been the career I would absolutely love to pursue. Not only am I doing it for the incredible pay rate but for my desire for working on cars. Being only 17, i do have a lot of experience on working with cars and there is still many years of learning to come.

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