Class hacks A Book Club For Disruptive Teachers


We are an educator's book club that meets once a month.

Different geographic areas. Different settings. Different age groups and different content areas but we have one thing in common: we all seek out the opportunity to regularly build bridges across districts to learn from each other and grow, so that we may spark disruption in education, unsettle the status quo and innovate together towards a future where all classrooms are equitable, demographically unpredictable, and guided by the principles of social justice.

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Access Materials from Prior Book Club Meetings

Click on the link (above) to access discussion materials for each of these books!


What if I haven't read the book?

That's okay! We assemble a detailed list of quotes from the book, divided into four themes, on our Facebook page and MeetUp discussion board. Review those resources if you have time and join the discussion!

How is the book club structured?

We use an Around the World format to structure the conversation around four themes. All of our discussion notes are published on the Shared Google Drive, linked below.

How do I know what book you are reading?

Simply check back here to see our monthly flyer (below), join our Facebook group or follow us on Meet Up!

Where is Class Hacks located exactly?

Class Hacks meets on Zoom - that means that educators from all across the US are welcome to join us, and we hope you do. The Zoom link is located on our public Facebook and Meet Up pages, as well as on the documents we share for the book each month (check the flyer located near the top of this page!).

Can I share information about the book club with my colleagues/administrators/friends?


Can I use the discussion questions on your Google Folder for my own book study group?


I am an elementary/secondary/post-secondary/ALC/retired/substitute teacher/etc. Can I still go?

YES! Educators from all across the profession attend Class Hacks.

Will the Class Hacks team come to my school or business to lead a book study for just our workplace?

Contact Cristina at cristinabenz@yahoo.com

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