Restaurant Makeover


Restaurants and food service stores are big money! Many people work in the food industry. They have to follow guidelines for food safety, sanitation, building codes, employment policies, and more. There are so many restaurants that are opened, prosper, decline, and closed. Your group must complete a makeover for a failing restaurant and make a plan to run it successfully for three months.
Your group has been given a town in America and a general location within that town. You have also been assigned a (fictitious) failing restaurant to renovate, redesign, and open. Your first task is to have a planning committee meeting and discuss what type of food you want to serve, what type of restaurant you would like, and to research demographics in your area. The goal is to design a restaurant that people will want to visit.
Pictures to get your brain moving!


Your team will be split up into 5 positions: Architect/Interior Designer, Menu Planner, Public Relations Manager, Project Organizer, and Human Relations Manager.

Architect/Interior Designer - Your job is to evaluate the current architectural design, create demolition plans, create new plans on Auto Cad, create a mood board, pick out new furniture, paint samples, and fixtures. Please include at least 3 elevation drawings and 4 perspective drawings of your plan.
Menu Planner - You must design a new menu consistent with the restaurant's theme and style. There must be a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu with complete nutritional information. You will design the actual menus to be used in the restaurant. Please create at least 3 original dishes, testing them and bringing samples on presentation day. The menu must have at least 5 breakfast, 10 lunch, and 20 dinner dishes. There must be accommodations for people with the ten most common allergies and sensitivities (as discussed in class).
Public Relations Manager - You are in charge of creating all the advertising and marketing for the opening and running of the restaurant. Collaborate with the group on tag lines, colour, and design schemes. Plan the Opening Day event creating an online, social media presence, itinerary, invites to food critics, coupons, sales, posters, advertising etc. Included are brochures, business cards, social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), event flyers, etc. Physical copies of the pertinent items are required.
Project Organizer - Your job is to oversee the entire project, collect the rough and final work from the other members to organize into presentation form. You must create a day to day timeline of the project (when the building will be remodeled, advertising begin, decorating finish, employee hiring, business hours, etc.) Design the "feel" of the restaurant, including smells, music, lighting, views, etc. Create a mood board, playlist, and scent experience for the presentation. Create a running budget, collecting real costs for opening the restaurant.
Human Relations Manager - You are the people person. You must complete detailed job descriptions for all positions in the restaurant including duties, pay, hours, etc. Kitchen: baker, sous chef, head chef, clean-up staff. Floor: wait staff, hostess. Other: banquet manager, bus-kid, office manager, accountant, etc. You must also design uniforms for all employees, providing a concept board, 7 uniform sketches, 4 fabric swatches, and one completed example (apron, shirt, pants, etc).

From the beginning of the project to the end, every person must complete 1 journal entry every week on the Restaurant's blog (which the team will create at the first meeting). provide the link for the teacher one week after assignment is given. The entry is to include how you feel the project is going, what you have completed that week, what you are looking forward to, 1 difficult thing and one easy thing so far. Complete the blog from the mindset of a professional completing the project for real. The blog will be for me to keep track of progress and your thoughts about the project.


The end of the road, presenting your work! This project will culminate in a 40 min presentation for the senior class and faculty. You will present your process through physical examples, a digital presentation, concept, mood, and materials boards, and sensory experiences. Your written work describing all aspects of the project will be submitted on presentation day. Please bring enough food and brochure samples for 40 people. Professional dress and manner is required.


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