The Great Divine By. Peter Staviski

I went to the play with a couple of my friends that I had met earlier in the year. Entering the theatre my body started getting excited and my adrenaline was pumping harder than ever before because i rarely ever attend plays so this was a big deal. Entering the theatre was fantastic and even better than that were my amazing seats because i showed up early. The auditorium was a lot larger than i expected and the actual stage was significantly smaller than I thought but it was the perfect size for what they needed. As the lights dimmed I nearly jumped out of my seat in excitement. Location is an essential factor in the good life because without actually being somewhere you cant experience it fully.

As i previously stated i attended the play with my friends Grace and Danielle. In order to get ready for the play we all went back to our dorms and showered and changed so we would look good for the performance. After that I picked up everyone and we went out to eat dinner so we wouldn't be hungry through the performance in order to enhance our concentration on the play. Being able to attend this play with my friends allowed me to get an outside opinion on what others felt about different parts. Having someone to discuss things allow for a good life because not always everyone has the same view on something so being able to discuss different view points and seeing other stances allows me to further my own knowledge.

Going to see this play opened my eyes to a new world of people and cultures. The play took place at the turn of the 20th century and was in a quite religious area. At first I was unsure of what to expect going into this play but I soon realized the affect it had on me. From the hardships or the working class to corruption within the church my eyes were opened wider than they have been in quite some time. Coming from my greek heritage we did not have money growing up my grandmother struggled to even make her way to america so I understand the hardships and child labor forces that this play showed. The play did change the way that I view people though and that is you can never fully judge someone based upon there outer appearance.

Leaving the play i felt uneasy. The Divine a play for Sarah Bernhardt was something else for me emotionally. It showed me that even through hardships and irreversible pasts people find it in themselves to forgive and forget. Along with the fact that there are many unknown evils out there. People are not always who they seem to be that is why you cannot simply judge a book by its cover. This play allows us to come clean almost and view each other and the world as people with different stories. I went through many stages of emotion watching the play. Like when Leo died I thought to myself, that was almost bound to happen under the conditions he was in but why did he do it anyways? To help out his family which then made me feel happy in an odd way. All of these emotions only spiked my passion for this play. This experience has me excited for whats in store for my next play.

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