Our Official City Seal

"Life, How it should be"

"Here in our city we strive to live life to the fullest extent. Hardships, trials, and adversity will happen, but here, we are strong enough to overcome it."- Tranquility City Mission Statement 2017

Welcome! We are a community dedicated to learning, peaceful relations, and industry.

Our Education System is tested to help all types of children. At the beginning of each year, all students are required to take PPA, or the Personality Placement Assessment. This test determines your preferred learning style and we accommodate our lessons to your specific way of learning. You are placed with in a class with peers that have similar interests and learning styles to you. Between each school day, You are granted "study days" in which you do not attend the school building but you take a day to catch up on assignments, relax, and have some fun. All students are required at least 1 year of abroad studying, so to not be cooped up in our city all the time. They learn about other countries, languages, and cultures.

School schedule 9:15-3:45

Our Political System is different. Though we still follow the basic guidelines of a democracy, we have altered the idea of it. We believe, like a democracy, that the people deserve a voice. All citizens above 18 years of age vote, and we make sure their vote counts. Instead of having one presiding figure, we have 3 presidential generals in our community, since we understand leaving all the decisions up to one person can be challenging and call for possible biased opinions. The reason for having three Presidential Generals, is that they can argue different opinions and aspects that will conclude with a peaceful and helpful compromise.

We treat people the way they should be treated. Racism is not permitted at any time in our community. At a young age, all citizens are introduced to all races. Mixed race classes are something we take pride in here.

Our Laws Are Important. All citizens know our laws, and to not break them. By not breaking them, we can keep the beautiful city we have beautiful.

1. No Profanity, Racial Slurs, or Hate among citizens. In Public areas, appropriate dress, manners and speak will be utilized.

2. All citizens, no matter the crime, are subject to trial. Very serious offenses are reviewed for exile.

3. All children above age 3 must and are allowed attend school until age 18.

4. Paying taxes is mandatory. All first evasion cases are reviewed, and instead of trial they are given a consultation. Further evasion cases are apprehended.

5. The police system is a strong, trustworthy force. All applicants are required extensive screening and testing.

6. Smoking, drinking, and drugs outside of medical use are strictly prohibited. Any substances that are found are confiscated, destroyed, and users are apprehended.

7. When leaving and re-entering the city, a recent passport and verified permit are required.

8. Media stating false accusations about the city or people is prohibited and will be put to trial.

9. We trade, farm, and make money off of the natural things on this earth. No profit is to be made by harming our environment.

10. Our altered democracy consists of 3 Presiding Generals. If any general overrides the others, and tries to control the government exclusively, they are immediately impeached.


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